How can we help you supercharge your virtual collaborations and make your online team work more effective?

Let's tackle one thing together to get you un-stuck.

  • I Need To Learn

    Before you can effectively achieve anything, you first need to learn how to do it. We can help teach you to become more effective in the virtual world through our virtual courses.

  • I Need To Achieve

    Learning can only take you so far. The real change requires implementing what you've learned. We can help you achieve results by arming you with the right tools with our production kits

  • I Need Help

    Is it all too much and you feel if you don't get help soon, you'll burn it all to the ground? We know this feeling all to well. Book a free Triage call and get the help you need to stay sane.

Meet The Founders

Bekka Prideaux & Lysa Greer

While working together on their new joint venture, The Valued Workforce®, co-founders Bekka Prideaux and Lysa Greer were reminded that being a great virtual collaborator starts with knowing how you operate as a collaborator.
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Meet The Founders

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