What's Your Collaboration Experience Been So Far?

From Frustrating To Fabulous

Effective collaboration can be fantastic but sometimes, if not most of the time, it can leave you frustrated, questioning what you’re doing and wanting to pull your hair out. Whether you’re a business owner working online, a freelancer or an employee working in team based in lots of different places, mastering collaboration makes your working world fun and highly effective allowing you to achieve everything you want to with your business.

Understanding Your Collaborative Superpower

Harness The Power

Once you know your collaborative superpower, you can harness it and put it to work for you. You'll discover it's easier to navigate your virtual collaborations, and will know your kryptonite so you know your personal danger zones and how to avoid getting trapped on planet frustration. Now - your collaborative superpower isn't your specific technical skill. It's about how you work best, what situations through the process of working are your ideal, and how you work with others.

Step Into Your Fullest Collaborative Potential

What You'll Receive With This Premium Guide

  • 1
    >>> Welcome
    • ⚡ Welcome to Harnessing Your Virtual Collaborative Superpower
    • ⚡ What you can expect from Harnessing Your Virtual Collaboration Superpower
    • 📝 Set your Goals
    • ⚡ An Introduction to the Virtual Collaboration Superheroes
  • 2
    The Principles of Harnessing Your Superpowers
    • ⚡ How to Harness A Superpower
    • ⚡ How to make sure you don't become a Collaboration Super Villain
    • ⚡ Kryptonite Protection
  • 3
    >>> The Logical Collaborator
    • ⚡ Setting your Logical Collaborator Superpower to work
    • ⚡ When a Logical Collaborator's Superpowers Go Bad
    • ⚡ When A Logical Collaborator's Kryptonite Strikes
  • 4
    >>> The Creative Collaborator
    • ⚡ Setting your Creative Collaborator Superpower to work
    • ⚡ When A Creative Collaborator's Superpowers Go Bad
    • ⚡ When a Creative Collaborator's Kryptonite Strikes
  • 5
    >>> The Flexible Collaborator
    • ⚡ Setting Your Flexible Collaborator Superpowers to work
    • ⚡ When a Flexible Collaborator's Superpowers Go Bad
    • ⚡ When a Flexible Collaborator's Kryptonite Strikes
  • 6
    >>> Taking Action
    • 📝 Your Action Plan
    • 💡 What's Next?
    • 🔅 Free Triage Call
    • 📒 Learn More About Your Unique Virtual Collaboration Profile
    • 📒 Learn More About How Others See You As A Collaborator
  • 7
    Additional Rescources
    • 📚 The Virtual Collaboration Index™ Report

Unlock More Virtual Collaborative Insights

It's Time To Call In Your Superhero Sidekick

As a virtual collaborator, you’ve no doubt struggled with working relationships that just weren’t a good fit, just like you’ve probably also experiences ones that were stellar! Wouldn’t it be great to move forward in your working environments armed with the skills to have great outcomes most of the time versus only some of the time? Harness Your Virtual Collaborative Superpowers now.
Unlock More Virtual Collaborative Insights

Meet The Developers

When Collaboration Works Well

While working together on their new joint venture, The Valued Workforce®, co-founders Bekka Prideaux and Lysa Greer discovered that being a great virtual collaborator starts with knowing how you operate as a collaborator.
Meet The Developers

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